February 13th, 2008


The Strike Is Over!

The WGA writers are going back to work today! Yippee! I mentioned in a previous post that it might be too late to salvage the TV season in any meaningful way, but SciFi Wire says, "Not so fast, Kaufmann!"

They've got a rundown of how many unaired episodes certain shows have left, as well as how many new ones they might be able to write and shoot before the season is out. (Of course, it's SciFi Wire, so the focus is on shows that fit their own particular mold. I'm afraid you won't find any news about Boston Legal or Gossip Girl there.)

So here's news on some of the shows your faithful TV Nerd enjoys. Feel free to check the article for news on some of your favorites that aren't mentioned below. And remember, all predictions are tentative and reserve the right to be wrong.

Smallville: 4 episodes left to air, may shoot an additional 3 to 5 (which would bring their season up to 18 or 20 episodes)

Lost: 6 episodes left to air, may shoot an additional 6 (which would bring their season up to 15 episodes, only one less than originally planned)

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: 5 episodes left to air, but its future is still in question, so to speak

Reaper: 3 episodes left to air, but it's unclear whether the series will be renewed

Chuck: no episodes left to air, unlikely to shoot new ones until the fall season

Heroes: no episodes left to air, outlook unclear if they'll even attempt to begin a new story arc before the fall season

Bionic Woman: dead, which is a shame, as I thought it had a lot of potential. I guess the problem was that it wasn't living up to that potential. Still, what kind of God would allow Bionic Woman to be cancelled while Moonlight continues to walk the earth?