February 2nd, 2008


Yay DVDs!

One of the few remaining video stores in my neighborhood, Hole in the Wall Video, is going out of business after twenty years. Their rent was raised 50%, and now, after two decades of serving the community, they have to close. It's ridiculous. Real estate here is completely out of control. What the landlords don't get is that now the space will most likely sit empty for a year -- or longer, as some have -- and they will wind up losing money.

But that's a rant for another time. Right now, I'm more interested in sharing the news that they're selling off most of their stock. Yay DVD sale! Or semi-sale, I should say. Aside from the fact that a lot of the good stuff, like the Criterion Collection discs and the TV series sets, aren't for sale at all, the prices are a little high for an "everything must go by March 15" situation. DVDs are between $6 and $10, which individually isn't bad but does tend to add up quickly if you're trying to take advantage of a going out of business sale.

So that's why I only walked out of there with three DVDs: Hitchcock's The Birds, the Pang brothers' The Eye and Mel Brooks' High Anxiety. There were others I wanted -- The Terminator, Kung Fu Hustle, Adaptation, Superbad -- but the other three alone already came to nearly $30.

Maybe prices will drop as they get closer to the March 15 deadline, but by then a lot of the good stuff will probably be gone and all that will be left to choose from are Wrong Turn 2, Pumpkinhead 5 and Flight of the Living Dead.

Still, big yay for DVD sale, even if the reason it's happening sucks.