January 31st, 2008


Lost Comes Back

Lost is returning tonight for what will be a seriously abbreviated season -- only 8 episodes due to the writers' strike.

Here's hoping for a little more cool shit involving the mysteries of the island (you know, that aspect of the story that hooked us from the start) and a little less ping-pong on the beach or Hurley finds a van or who will Kate kiss next. That would be a nice change.

With only 8 episodes in the can, maybe we'll find ourselves struggling through a lot less filler. But there's also a good chance it'll be almost all filler, since they didn't make these episodes knowing there wouldn't be any others, and as we know from the second and third seasons, Lost has a habit of pooping all over itself until the season finale, when it suddenly remembers that it's supposed to be compelling.

Whatever the case, I'm watching tonight. It's like a train wreck. I can't look away!

The TV Nerd Cautiously Declares Lost Good Again

Well, what do you know? The season premiere of Lost turned out to be quite good. The flash-forwards, which I was dubious of in last season's finale, have reinvigorated the show. Of course, it was a Hurley-centric episode, and those are always the best, but what happened in the flash-forwards was more interesting than everything that happened on the island this episode.

I loved the mention of the "Oceanic Six," which adds a nice new mystery regarding who actually makes it off the island. We've seen Jack, Kate and Hurley back in the States, so who are the other three (or two, if one of them was in the coffin in last season's finale), and what became of everyone else? I got nice little charge of happy seeing Lt. Cedric Daniels from The Wire show up as a creepy guy trying to grill Hurley for information about whether anyone's still on the island (he seems to be a lot more threatening than just a reporter disguised as an Oceanic attorney trying to get info for a story). And Jack's line "I'm thinking of growing a beard" was hilarious given the dead llama sprouting from his chin in the finale's flash-forward.

Here's hoping they find the right balance between flash-forwards and island activity, which would make this a great season on par with the first. I am cautiously optimistic, especially now that Brian K. Vaugh of Y: The Last Man fame is writing for them. But we all know how Lost likes to twiddle its thumbs between "event" episodes, so we'll see. As I said, cautiously optimistic.

But even so, I really, really liked this episode. And I wonder what Hurley meant by it when he said, "It wants us back." The island? Or something on the island?

Edited to add a question: That guy who parachutes down at the end of the episode looks familiar to me. Who is that actor?