December 31st, 2007


"Attend the tale of Sweeney Todd..."

So Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd is pretty good. Depp, Bonham Carter and Rickman all turn in fine performances (the three minor leads -- Joanna, the sailor and Borat's little assistant -- are, to me, just as expendable in the film as they are in the show; the B plot is nowhere near as interesting or exciting as the A).

But no "Ballad of Sweeney Todd"?! How could they cut that song out? It's the best number in the show, in my opinion!

"The demon barber of Fleet...




And of course nothing will ever compare to George Hearn slamming the door at the end of that song!

The Fourth Annual Naming of the Books

It's that time of year again. As I have done since starting this LJ back in 2004, it's time to present the list of books I've read this year, between January 1, 2007 and today, December 31, 2007. (Luckily, I am obsessive-compulsive about certain things and keep an Excel spreadsheet of everything I read!)

As always, this list does not include any magazines, short stories or individual comics issues. It includes only books, be they novels, nonfiction, chapbooks or graphic novels/trade comics collections. (I included Dead Reckonings #1 because its form and word count make it more of a book than a magazine.)

And now, the list:

Y: The Last Man: Kimono Dragons by Brian K. Vaughan
Monster Nation by David Wellington
My Dead Girlfriend, Vol. 1 by Eric Wight
20th Century Ghosts by Joe Hill
Parish Damned (expanded edition) by Lee Thomas
Recess Pieces by Bob Fingerman
Mystery by Peter Straub
The Missing by Sarah Langan
Russian Lover and Other Stories by Jana Martin
Y: The Last Man: Motherland by Brian K. Vaughan
13 Bullets by David Wellington
Bloodstone by Nate Kenyon
Dead Reckonings #1 ed. by Jack M. Haringa & S.T. Joshi
The Dust of Wonderland by Lee Thomas
The Nightmare Factory (graphic novel) by Thomas Ligotti
Inferno ed. by Ellen Datlow

Only 16 books this year. Nowhere near my goal/old average of 30. Very sad. Also, I didn't realize until just now that I only read one novel in 2007 in my ongoing Straubathon. I must get back to that soon.

I should have more reading time after I leave the video store (January 5th is my last day), and between my ever-growing TBR pile and some of the book review opportunities I've been presented with for the New Year, I should get my average back up to 30 books per year without a problem.

A happy New Year to all of you, and may you all have time to read as many books as you like!