December 11th, 2007


Hollywood Rapes Its Own Corpse

Evidently at a loss for any more classic movies and TV shows to remake into new films, Hollywood has decided to reach all the way back to the dawn of the cinema itself to find its next remake abomination. This is somewhat akin to robbing your own grave, except you would have to know how to handle a shovel to do that, and none of the decision makers in Hollywood have enough brainspace to learn after dropping all that acid and having the bouncy leprechauns tell them every decision they make is brilliant.

Producer Thomas Schuehly (Alexander) has acquired the remake rights to Fritz Lang's classic SF movie Metropolis and is partnering with Mario Kassar on an updated version of the 1927 movie, Variety reported.

Watch for the original film's theme of class struggle between the workers and the wealthy to change, too. My guess is the oppressive leisure class will be replaced as villains by a single bad guy who heads up a corporation called MetropoCorp.

Arthur Sainer, R.I.P.

I just learned, via an anonymous comment on an old blog entry, that my college playwriting teacher, Arthur Sainer, recently passed away. Sainer was a real character, and was renowned in the New York theater world for his avant-garde work.

And here is the anonymous comment that so delicately informed me of Sainer's passing:

"no he is not still crazy, he died recently you stupid narrow-minded dumb fuck.
maybe you should instead be thankful that people like him were even remotely interested in teaching a bunch of spoiled brats. maybe if your play didn't suck so bad he wouldn't have fallen asleep.
you need to google him and read about his life in the theatre.
you missed out on an opportunity to learn something-"

It's always nice to hear from fellow alumni!