December 10th, 2007


Computer Update

The new computer is pretty much up and running now. I managed to flash-drive off of the old one everything that I want to keep and put them on the new, though it looks like some of them won't function with the new operating system. That's to be expected, I suppose.

Now I just need to install my word processing program and hook up the new printer. I also need to call Time-Warner and figure out how to make the laptop work with my cable modem. Right now it's resisting, and I've been getting online by surreptitiously riding a neighbor's unguarded wi-fi signal. I suspect I just need some updated software for the cable modem.

One thing I haven't found yet is a good shareware solitaire game for Mac OS 10.5. (The only game the laptop comes with is chess, oddly.) The solitaire game available on the Mac site is crappy, and the only good one I've found so far won't let me change the options from deal-three to deal-one. If anyone knows of any good ones out there, let me know. Also, if you happen to see a version of Shanghai (the tile memory game) for Mac OS, let me know about that one too. I love me some Shanghai!

Brian Keene's Top 10 Books of 2007

I meant to mention this in a more timely manner last week, but I was between computers. Anyway, Brian Keene, beloved genre roustabout and author of Ghoul and Terminal and a thousand other works, released his Top 10 Books of 2007 list and saw fit to include General Slocum's Gold at Number 7.

I immediately wrote him to thank him for making a lifelong dream come true: putting me on a list with New York news anchor Jack Cafferty! I grew up with Cafferty on the local news and now enjoy seeing him as CNN's own version of Keene -- the beloved current-events roustabout! If you ask me, he's the only reason to ever watch the Situation Room with Wolf "I make the news angels cry every day" Blitzer.

As a side note, I think there are some excellent books missing from Keene's list -- no surprise, since everyone's top 20 list is different -- including Lee Thomas' The Dust of Wonderland, Sarah Langan's The Missing and Ellen Datlow's Inferno for starters. Check those out too!