December 3rd, 2007


Keep It In The Family

Jana Martin -- author of Russian Lover and Other Stories, founding member of the Who Wants Cake writing group, and my cousin -- shares her thoughts on writing and giving relatives the willies in a great interview over at Bookslut.

Yay Jana!

The Almost Mid-Season Assessment

Chuck has officially replaced Reaper as my favorite new show of the season. Where Reaper has gotten repetitive and desperately in need of a status quo shake-up (or at least a compelling arc), Chuck seems to get funnier and smarter with each new episode. So I'm happy to report that Chuck has been granted a full-season order. Though with the strike, who knows what that actually means? (I don't watch Life, but according to the same article, it too has been given a full season. I know some of my blog readers watch it and like it, so that should make you very happy.)

Back to You has been in reruns for the past few weeks, and I have to say I haven't actually missed it.

Bionic Woman remains good-ish, but is clearly suffering from operating at only half its potential. It could be so much more than it is right now. Still, any show that gives this much attention to even its most minor characters has got a lot going for it.

Can someone please tell me why I'm still watching Law & Order: SVU? Last week's episode with the big car crash was so poorly written and so wrong on every emotional note that it really drove home how lame this show has become. Also, Adam Beach, as new team member Det. Lake, can't act to save his life. He makes Ice-T look like Olivier.