October 28th, 2007


Celebrating Halloween With Ike & Tina

Last night's Halloween party at Gina Osnovich and Dave Klein's house out in Long Island was a great time! kelliwithani82 and I went in our themed costumes, as promised, and we wound up winning a prize for best couples' costume! (The prize was matching Halloween paddle ball sets called "Franken Spankers" - which of course put me in mind of the Spankenstein DVD hot_eyeball sent me ages ago.)

I felt kind of bad that we won, though. Gerard Houarner and Linda Addison were there as Ike and Tina Turner, and I think they were totally robbed. If Linda hadn't won first prize for best costume, I would have been much more tempted to relinquish the paddle balls to her and Gerard. Gina and Dave also looked great as Frank N. Furter (Gina) and Riff Raff (Dave), but I think as the hosts they were disqualified from participating in the contest.

Our friend Pete won for most original costume. He came as the UPS guy from the end of the movie Seven. He even brought along a blood-stained cardboard box, which he opened at the end of the night to reveal...a head of lettuce!

Also there were Jane Osnovich, Dallas Mayr, Monica O'Rourke, Gordon Linzner (dressed, I think, as Mr. Hyde, or maybe that's what he wears every Saturday), Matt Schwartz, Rhodi Hawk (in the most awesome, and tall, witch hat I've ever seen), and several others I'm certain I'm forgetting. It happens with age. And alcohol.

Gina and Dave went all out. Big props to them. Not only was there plenty of great food and drink, but their house was decorated to the gills. Everywhere I looked there was at least one Halloween detail or decoration. At least one. They know how to do it right!

Plenty of pictures were taken at the party, so I'll post or link to them soon, and then you can see my and Kelli's top secret costumes.