October 25th, 2007


The TV Nerd's Thursday Night

I love The Office always, but I especially love those episodes of The Office when Michael has a rare moment of triumph. (His commercial really was better than the one Corporate made -- in concept if not execution.) These episodes are few and far between, but they make me joyful, kind of like the episodes of Yes, Prime Minister when PM James Hacker would finally see through Sir Humphrey's shenanigans and stick it to him in a way that totally brought Humphrey crashing down with humility.

Also, I'm happy that Scrubs is back. I'm okay with it being the last season. I still like the show a lot, but its formula is definitely starting to show: funny, funny, funny, poignant moment at the 15-minute commercial mark, then funny, funny, funny, and poignant ending. It's like clockwork. But Turk and Dr. Cox are still two of the best characters on any sitcom. They should have their own show where they drive around in an El Camino and solve crimes.