October 9th, 2007


Star Trek Lives...On Heroes

It's a Star Trek love fest on Heroes these days. First came Sulu, and now Uhura! Plus, I'm pretty sure the guy who plays the traitor in the Irish gang was on Enterprise. Who will be next? Data? Chakotay? That guy who played the alien with the weird forehead? You know the one. With the weird forehead? It was like bumpy and stuff?

In other news, that scene with Claire and her pinky toe last week? Jesus! I haven't squirmed that much since the arterial-spray hospital scene in The Exorcist!

Also, am I the only one who is already sick of Alejandro and Maya? It's only been three episodes and I already consider them annoying filler keeping me away from the characters I care about. Maybe they should change their names to Nicki and Paulo and be done with it. Hmph!
Godzilla Breath

Hollywood Shoots Itself In The Face: Double Feature Edition

Hollywood, and we're including the TV as well as movie industries in that catch-all name, has never seen a bandwagon it hasn't happily jumped on. It is the snake that eats its own tail, year after year, then checks its finances and wonders why it's missing a tail. If the definition of insane is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, Hollywood is the Norman Bates of entertainment. Observe this two-headed hydra of recent entertainment news:

First, NBC, having seen the success of the Battlestar Galactica revamp, not to mention the early success of its own Bionic Woman, has decided the time is right for another "re-imagining." But what old series could use an updating? V, the tale of alien invaders who ooze their way into our society and turn America fascist? Nah, too relevant. What about Mission: Impossible? Nah, too obvious. No, instead NBC in their infinite wisdom is rebooting...wait for it...Knight Rider! In the 1980s, the ultimate status symbol cars were Corvettes and Porsches, and that's what Knight Rider played off of with KITT, the talking sports car with the British accent. Now things are different. What's KITT going to be, a Hummer? A Prias? And just to make your jaw sink that much closer to the floor, according to Entertainment Weekly, "the new-and-improved KITT will morph, Transformers-style." How does that tail taste, NBC?

Second, and just as ludicrous, Paramount and New Line have seen the box office success of Rob Zombie's Halloween remake and asked themselves, "Hey, don't we have something like that?" Why yes, they do! His name is Jason Voorhees. And along with Michael Bay's production company, Platinum Dunes, they're beginning filming in February on a remake of Friday the 13th. (Never mind that Jason wasn't even in the first Friday. It's not like Hollywood has ever known its ass from its elbow.) According to Entertainment Weekly, producer Brad Fuller weighed in on the decision by saying, "It'll be nice to have Jason run around and chase people again." Hoo boy. Want some fries with those tails, Paramount and New Line?