October 5th, 2007


Doctor Who Finale

Waaaaa! I'm dorking out again!

I've already mentioned that I think the third season was a bit hit or miss, but these last four episodes were outstanding. And the finale was marvelous! The Big Bad's* final scene was especially genius. The "I win" line was so well deserved, and such a long time coming for those of us who remember the classic Doctor Who series, that I nearly teared up. For the villain, no less!

This particular Big Bad never had an origin in the original series, so it was kind of awesome to see one presented here. Also, the revelation of what creatures were inside the spheres came as a total surprise. I actually thought they were going to be the Time Lords hidden away after the Time Wars! (Though my first reaction upon seeing the spheres was to wonder where the Tall Man and Reggie were.)

Excellent references to the Sea Devils and Axons, too. For a life-long Who fan like me, those little moments that tie back to the original series are like nerd candy.

And finally, I no longer think of the Face of Bo as quite so ridiculous! Ha!

I can't say I was happy with the Gollum-Doctor, nor the 1980s Flash Gordon ending with the ring and the evil laughter, but the very end with the Titanic, and the Doctor's stunned reaction, mirroring the exact same kind of moment from the end of season two, more than made up for it, in my opinion.

I need season four to start right now!

* To avoid spoilers for those who won't see it until the DVD set comes out in the States next month