September 16th, 2007


Partying With the Hollower

Last night, kelliwithani82 and I drove to New Jersey for marysang's party celebrating the release of her first novel, The Hollower. (I even walked out of there with a signed copy. Woohoo! Into the Must Read Now pile it goes!)

In addition to the joy of seeing Mary again, which I so rarely do these days, I also got to catch up with other friends I usually only see at conventions, like garyfrank and civilianwife, dan0oo and susantaylor (and the baby!), deadscrypt and morbidmusings, horrorofitall, shocklines, horrorworld and Phil, hw_bloodymary, as well as non-LJ folks like Gordon Linzner, Dallas Mayr and Monica O'Rourke. (I'm sure I'm missing names -- please don't take offense at my poor, beer-drenched powers of recall.)

In fact, it was so much like a convention that I had a weird muscle-memory moment where I felt compelled to pull out the convention program and see if I was supposed to be anywhere!

Mary's got an awesome house, and I'm delighted I finally got to meet her little Sprout. The party was great fun -- lots of food, booze and excellent conversation. Life should always be like that.

Then kelliwithani82 and I got lost on the way home and wound up driving around the mean streets of Newark at 1 A.M. Good times!