September 9th, 2007


Fear the Manraffe!

A great night out on the town tonight with kelliwithani82, who I have come to realize is the epitome of awesomness. Since she was driving, we couldn't do any drinking, so instead we walked around. A lot. I think my feet are steaming like Fred Flintstone's after he uses them to brake his car.

We met down in the Village, got some iced coffee, walked all over the place, then drove up to midtown for dinner at the Jekyll & Hyde Club. (Your turn soon, livia_llewellyn, but when we go, please remind me not to eat so much cheese in one meal. Ugh!) They sat us all the way up on the top floor, so we didn't get to see any of the floor shows that happen below. That was okay, though. It gave us a chance to chat. Well, sort of. We kept getting interrupted by all the talking monsters on the walls. God, I love that place!

Then we walked down to Times Square and poked around the Virgin Megastore and the giant Toys R Us, where we had an encounter with the fearsome Manraffe -- half human, half giraffe, all terror! They say his name is Geoffrey and you can have your child's picture taken with him, but I tell you this thing was like something out of a SciFi Channel Original Movie. Manraffe! A twisted joke of nature that lives only for vengeance! Dean Cain's agent is waiting by the phone.

There was more walking after that, all the way back up to Columbus Circle and the Time-Warner Center, where we discovered the fourth floor of that glass and metal monstrosity is filled with chi-chi restaurants and clubs that would no doubt lock their doors upon seeing the likes of us. I plan on going back there someday when I have money. Or if my life turns into a Sex and the City episode.

Anyway, after all that walking I'm pooped. Tomorrow it's off to Queens to record a live reading along with sarahlangan, Linda Addison and Gordon Linzner to be streamed on glamberson's new horror website. I'll be doing something from General Slocum's Gold, probably the same bit I read at the Burning Effigy launch party at World Horror in Toronto. But between getting over a cold and all the talking and laughing tonight, I think my voice is gonna be shot. Maybe I'll sound like Demi Moore. One can only hope.

"Don't Look At Me. Look At the Camera."

The videotaped readings went very well this afternoon, despite the videographer -- who turned out to be Eric Maché of Evil Ernie fame! -- accidentally being told to expect us at 11 AM instead of 1 PM. But he and his wife, whose name now eludes me for some embarrassing reason, were very gracious and really made me, sarahlangan, Linda Addison and Gordon Linzner feel welcome in their home. (And what a home it is! A beautiful, fully renovated house in Astoria that made me drool with jealousy. Someday I want a house like that. They even had central air!)

I went last because I was even more congested than before and was having random coughing fits. (I had to fight like the devil not to cough during Sarah's reading -- she'd already done multiple takes, like six or seven of them because motorcycles kept driving by or the clip-on mic wasn't working right, and I would never have forgiven myself if something I did resulted in having to do yet another one!) Eric couldn't run the air conditioning because it would have messed with the sound, so it got kind of stuffy in his little studio. Here's hoping they can digitally remove the glare of a thousand suns coming off my sweaty forehead!

Despite the congestion making me sound like a honking goose to my own ears, everyone said I was perfectly understandable in my reading. I guess we'll find out when it's finally uploaded to the Web. I'll be sure to let you know when it goes live.

It turned out to be a lot of fun, and I'm really glad I got to meet Eric and his wife. I hope I get to hang out with them some more soon. They're really friendly, interesting people.

Tell Me You Love Me

I'm very impressed! I didn't know what to expect of this new HBO series. It seemed like it could be a really tedious romantic drama, but it turned out to be so much more than that. Great writing, great acting, and not a single visible symptom of first-episodeitis. All the characters seemed fully formed without being drawn in extremes the way they often are in the first episode of a series.

It's very adult in the issues it tackles, and even more so in its graphic depiction of sex. There was one sex scene early on that had me thinking, Oh my God, did I just see that guy's balls?, and it actually got even more explicit from there, culminating in a handjob scene toward the end where I could not believe what I was seeing! I don't think Tell Me You Love Me will be on at 9 o'clock for much longer!

But at its heart really are the issues each of the four main couples are facing. Those issues are at once universal and extremely personal. As someone who has actually been in a virtually sexless marriage like one of the couples on the show, I can vouch for a lot of what the writers put on screen. A lot of it.

I have no idea where Tell Me You Love Me is going, or if it will be able to keep my interest when the dynamics of these couples change, which they inevitably must, but for now I'm going to keep watching. This is a very well done drama that totally took me by surprise.