August 26th, 2007



Jekyll, which just ended its first season run on BBC America, turned out be a very good show. And short, too. Only six episodes. That's the way to do it. No stupid filler episodes -- or as I call them "Quark marries a Klingon" episodes -- to pad out the season.

I did wish they had let Hyde off the leash more, though. For someone who's supposed to be so dangerous and powerful, as everyone keeps mentioning, he's a lot more talk than action. He lets far too many of his victims go, for one thing. I think he only winds up killing three people through the whole season, all of whom deserve it. I kind of wish they had let him be a little more evil, though at the same time, I did really like how he responds to Tom's family.

I loved that they set up something weird with Tom's twins (named Henry and Edward, the first names of Jekyll and Hyde in the novel!).

I also loved that they tried to twist the origin of Hyde, but I didn't buy what they came up with. It didn't feel right, or really make any sense. Maybe they'll explore it more in season two.

The solution to the riddle of how someone can be Dr. Jekyll's direct descendant when Jekyll had no children -- and not be a clone -- was so incredibly obvious I'm angry at myself for not figuring it out! But that's a testament to being in the hands of a good writer. I was expertly manipulated away from the answer without even realizing it.

The cliffhanger was awesome, though again, it seems to go against the stated origin of Hyde.

I'm really looking forward to season two!