August 19th, 2007



Superbad is the best movie ever. I laughed through the whole thing. There's a small side bit about some pictures one of the characters drew as a child that practically had me crying, I was laughing so hard.

I already thought Michael Cena was a comic genius from watching Arrested Development, but Superbad is the confirmation. He owns every scene he's in.

Great soundtrack, too. Lots of great funk.

Hollywood Digs Itself a Deeper Grave

From the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly:

Corey Haim and Corey Feldman are set to reprise the roles that made them famous in a sequel to 1987's vampire-slayer hit The Lost Boys....This straight-to-DVD version is set in the world of extreme sports. Lost Boys II: The Tribe is "like X Games meets Jackass," says exec producer Mary Viola. "Today's vampires are adrenaline junkies."

I'm as much of a fan of the cheesy '80s movie as the next guy, but come on. This just sounds cheap and terrible. It reminds me of C. Thomas Howell's desperate, decades-long attempt to make a cash-in sequel to The Hitcher. Then he finally did with 2003's direct-to-DVD The Hitcher 2: I've Been Waiting, and no one saw it or gave a damn.