August 11th, 2007


Doctor Who: "The Lazarus Experiment"

After the awful Dalek two-parter, the show is back on track, baby! More references to the mysterious Mr. Saxon -- this season's version of "Bad Wolf" -- a man-made regeneration machine (reminiscent of the one in the 1983 serial "Mawdryn Undead", one of the best of the Peter Davison years), and even a joke about reversing the polarity of something. (How many times did the Doctor reverse the polarity of the neutron flow in the TARDIS to get out of a jam? Honestly, I think those words are etched on Jon Pertwee's tombstone.) The CGI monster looked ridiculous, though. CGI monsters alway seem to be the low point of any episode.

Anyway, because nobody can keep their fucking mouths shut about spoilers for this season, I already have a pretty good idea of who Mr. Saxon is and why he might need a regeneration machine. Thanks, a-holes. You all suck. Rest assured I will find a fitting and brutal way to punish you. Similarly, anyone posting more spoilers in the comments here will be banned from my LJ. If I haven't made it clear, I hate intentional spoilers and those who revel in them as a way of trying to prove how cool or "in the know" they are.

In other news, I had a fun time tonight seeing rosefox, sinboy and several of their friends on a pub crawl in my neighborhood. Everyone should come to my neighborhood more often!

Coney Island at Night

Thursday night I went to Coney Island for a friend's birthday celebration. I'd never been there at night before. All my previous visits were day trips, and I'd usually leave as the sun started to go down. Coney Island at night is quite different from Coney Island during the day.

In fact, it's a little bit better. In the dark, you can't see how shitty and run-down everything is. With the parachute drop lit up in red and Astroland Park lit up like a Christmas tree, it's actually quite beautiful.

We didn't ride the Cyclone this time, but we did go on the bumper cars (the one in Astroland Park, not the one near Stillwell that plays disco and has all the flashing lights). It was my first time doing the Coney Island bumper cars -- and maybe even my first time doing bumper cars ever, I can't recall. It's a lot of fun, but it's also the meanest game ever. Turning the wheel, aiming at another car and stepping on the "gas," I felt like a New York City taxi driver. Maybe that's where they take their road tests.

I have long legs, like really long, so I banged up my right knee pretty good. I always hurt my knees at Coney Island, whether it's in a bumper car or being thrown around on the Cyclone. Coney Island isn't made for people of my height, and it would kill someone like pgtremblay.

Also, it was more crowded than I imagine it would normally be on a weeknight because there were a ton of people there to see a show at Keyspan Park. Some hipster robot band called Daft Punk that I'd never heard of before. Whatever. We managed to get on the subway home just before the show let out, thank goodness. I can't deal with hipsters.

I imagine hipster robots are even worse.