July 30th, 2007


Tales from Brooklyn

I was sitting outside just a moment ago, having a cigarette, when a woman walked past on the sidewalk playing an accordion. Not just holding one - playing it. It sounded vaguely dirge-like.

I felt like I'd been transported into a Fellini film.

Knifepoint Horror: The Fan Speaks!

This morning, someone posted the following comment to my LJ entry about Soren Narnia's misguided horror lit movement Knifepoint Horror and its first volume, the creatively titled Knifepoint Horror: Book One:

"I went ahead and bought this book on eBay after reading the Necropsy review of it. I had to pay almost full price, there were more than a few bids on it, and a money back guarantee if the book wasn't the scariest one I'd ever read. I have to say, it was close. I would advise people to read one of these stories before laughing it off. It's kind of a shock to see the format, but it works. It's all horror with no fluff at all."

Shockingly, it is an anonymous comment with no name attached. Gosh, I wonder who it could be?