July 16th, 2007



Last night's episode of John from Cincinnati was really the pits. We're halfway through the season, and right now I can't even picture it being renewed for another one.

I can't really call it a good show, but I've been enjoying it so far. Mostly because of Milch's stylized language, but also because, like Carnivale, it has an atmosphere of miracles and magic, though not quite as dark.

But after last night's episode, I'm on the verge of removing it from my DVR list.
Godzilla Breath

From the Files of "Someone Has to Say It"

300 is fucking ridiculous.

It's the worst kind of macho masturbation: our heroes are the Best! At! Everything!; there isn't a single female character who isn't basically tits on legs; and the violence is stylized to the point of fetish.

Sure, there are some thrilling moments due to all the battle scenes, but because our heroes are the Best! At! Everything! the thrills aren't sustained. Take the battle rhino for example. It's cool, but it is dispatched with so instantly it might as well have not been in the movie. Same with the elephants.

Also, they hardly present Sparta as a place worth fighting for. "We beat toughness into our children and kill the imperfect! Hooray!"

Feh. And I was so excited to finally see it, too.