July 2nd, 2007


Weekend of Awesomeness

Saturday night: A housewarming BBQ at sarahlangan and J.T. Petty's new house in Bed-Stuy. J.T. wasn't there -- he's still filming his latest opus in New Mexico -- but most of the Cakers were. It's always nice to see them in a non-critiquing environment. We ate hamburgers and hot dogs, and the most delicious brownies ever courtesy of David Wellington's wife Elisabeth, who's a professional chef.

At one point a four-year-old boy named Erasmus, who had been denied a taste of his father's mojito (lovingly prepared by mojito master dbraum) because it's "an adult drink with alcohol," asked what alcohol is. Everyone answered that it makes you act silly or relaxes you, except me. I said it makes everyone look pretty.

As it grew darker, we gathered around the citronella candles and told real-life ghost stories. (I was a Debbie Downer and admitted I don't believe in ghosts, though I do believe in hallucinations and residual emotional energy.)

It was awesome, and Sarah and J.T. have a lovely house.

Sunday night: jewellwelles's third annual thirtieth-birthday party at a bar called The Irish Rogue, which was filled with neither the Irish nor rogues. It was great to see her again -- I feel like it's been a year -- and I enjoyed seeing dontbethebunny and other folks I hadn't seen since two years ago at the Beef & Guns party. In fact, I was kind of peeved we weren't at the shooting range again this time!

There was some weird wrestling/martial arts match on the bar's TV that looked an awful lot like two men getting it on. Seriously, that's not an exaggeration. We kept waiting for one of them to break out the Boy Butter!

With Weekend of Awesomeness complete, we now enter the Week of Awesomeness, where I'm off work until Thursday! Yay!