June 28th, 2007


"When I Said We, You Know I Meant Me"

imago1 is starting what looks to be an occasional Author Series on his LiveJournal. First up? Me!

Laird has some really nice things to say about my body of work to date: "[H]is fiction is reminscent of the best work to be found in classic digests like Ellery Queen and Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, but much darker and much more punishing."

Me? Dark and punishing? Don't tell mama!

Thanks, Laird!

LJ is Acting Weird, Part MMLVII

More LJ weirdness yesterday and today. Notification emails for comments are taking hours to reach me after the actual comments have been left on my journal. So if it seems like I'm ignoring you -- well, odds are I am, but it could also be the LJ weirdness.