June 25th, 2007


Finally, Some Ink!

I've been sweating and chewing my fingernails since April over the fact that General Slocum's Gold, while selling quite well, wasn't getting any reviews at all. As you know, good sales only last for so long. It's good ink that keeps sales strong.

Now, finally, some reviews are creeping in. Two of them, in fact, and they're both very positive, which is always nice.

The first is from Canadian online zine Lipstik Indie. It's filled with hilarious typos (even in the URLs!), random commas and grammar goofs, and they spelled my name wrong (while managing to spell Gord Zajac's crazy name correctly in their review of his and Brett Savory's The Distance Travelled: A Little Slice of Heaven, also from Burning Effigy Press), but the sentiment is a good one. Here's a pull-quote, sics and all:

"General Slocum’s Gold cleverly weaves back and forth between between [sic] flashback and present. Flashback doesn’t always work well but in the case of General Slocum’s it is a plot twister that makes the story sensational....Nicolas [sic] Kauffmann [sic] is a brilliant story teller who is able to keep the reader on the edge of their seats [sic] while taking them through an exciting rollercoaster of a ride."

The other review is from Horror Web. Pull-quote (though I recommend you click the link and read the whole review, because they give it a full 5 stars and call it re-readable, which makes me happy):

"[An] interesting story with well-built characters that isn't afraid to go where it should, rather than where you'd like. Without giving anything away, Sackett doesn't exactly get what he expects at the end, but he's fulfilled nonetheless and so are you--bravo, Kaufmann!...A smooth voice that was casual enough to call easy reading, but leaves you thinking about the words chosen and the real meaning of what he was saying. Color me hooked. May I have more now?"

As gratifying as these reviews are, General Slocum's Gold still needs more ink! If you're a reviewer interested in chapbooks, drop me an email via my website and I'll see if I or Burning Effigy Press can get one to you.