June 19th, 2007


Gotta Love Live Television

Oh snap! I just saw Chris Matthews say the word "shit" on the air during a live airing of Hardball on MSNBC! It was right after a commercial, and he clearly didn't know they were back on the air when he yelled at someone off-camera, "We're all just reacting here and we don't have shit--" Then he noticed either the red light on top of the camera or the frantically waving director, and, professional that he is, calmly welcomed us back and continued his coverage of Mayor Bloomberg's switch from Republican to Independent, and whether it means he's running for president. A few minutes later, Matthews apologized for using the word and confirmed he didn't know he was on the air.

It reminds me of the time I saw Shepard Smith, on the Fox Report, accidentally say "blow job" instead of "block party" during a piece about Jennifer Lopez visiting her old 'hood in the Bronx.