June 8th, 2007


Most Unexpected News Item of the Day

Shocklines, which for more than half a decade reigned as one of the best online bookstores for small press and hard-to-get horror publications, is closing shop, though owner Matt Schwartz says the brand will continue with the discussion board and some kind of industry newsletter. I'm sorry to see the store go. Aside from being a convenient place to order books, I had a holiday-time tradition with quite a few friends of swapping Shocklines gift certificates.

We've still got Bloodletting, Overlook Connection and Bad Moon as online specialty retailers, as well as some others I'm sure I'm forgetting, but I gotta tell ya, now would be a really, really good time for Clarkesworld Books to reopen. I'm just saying.

As If Trek Fandom Wasn't Already Homoerotic Enough

Star Trek actors George Takei and Wil Wheaton and writer Andre Bormanis have teamed up with FanLib.com and CBS Interactive for Kirk vs. Picard, an event in which fans will be invited to write pieces of a new online Trek narrative.

The storyline will require that Capt. James T. Kirk be pitted somehow against Capt. Jean-Luc Picard.

It always seems to be about two men "fighting" each other, doesn't it? And since we know Kirk's shirt has a tendency to rip open at the nipple-line (c.f. every single episode of the original series), it's only a matter of time before he and Jean-Luc "Ticklemaster" Picard collapse onto the bed in a giggle fit and start making out. Just like that story you wrote in high school.

Whatevs. Wake me when they have Sisko fighting Janeway in a giant bathtub shaped like a champagne flute.