May 16th, 2007


There Are Perks After All!

People often ask me what the perks of being an Active HWA member are. Well, aside from the obvious, like getting to vote for the Stokers and for administrative positions, and the less obvious, like free use of the HWA jet and HWA sexbots, I was reminded of another perk today.

Because today I received a free book in the mail: a hardcover edition of John Maclay's story collection Night Tales, from his own eponymous specialty publishing house. It's a lovely little hunter-green book, and I'd always meant to read some of Maclay's work anyway.

But the best part of all? The book is from 1999. He found a stash of them he'd forgotten about and decided to be nice and mail them to HWA Active members because "[I] thought you might like a copy." 1999! He's not asking for a Stoker recommendation! Yaaaaaaaay!