May 13th, 2007


Langan + Cookies = Awesome

Over at her journal, sarahlangan has some nice things to say about General Slocum's Gold, and my writing in general. She is the awesomest, and I would say that even if we weren't already BFF!

I'll be heading to her reading at KGB Bar on Wednesday, May 16, where she'll be reading from her second novel, The Missing (a.k.a. Virus to those of you in the U.K.). I've already read a little more than half of it in draft form, and I can't wait to read the whole thing in actual book form. I think it's even cooler than her first novel The Keeper -- and The Keeper was pretty darn cool!

Also, she'll be bringing homemade cookies to the reading again. Who else is going? I need to know who's got my back if I decide to steal an entire box.