April 25th, 2007


Party Like It's 1987

In honor of my 20-year high school reunion coming up this weekend (aaaaaaaaaaaa!), I'm thinking I should get myself in the mood, really take myself back through time, by only listening to the music I listened to back then. Pink Floyd! Planet P Project! Marillion! Jethro Tull! (But only Aqualung - I didn't own any of their other albums until college.) It's too bad I don't own any Spyro Gyra.

If I really wanted to recreate my high school years, I'd also burn incense, take regular trips to the Magickal Childe and perform Wiccan rituals from a TV dinner stand in the middle of my bedroom. But you have to draw the line somewhere, I suppose.

I wonder if I can get Channel 11 to change their 11 PM - 12 AM syndicated rerun slot from Sex and the City and Will & Grace to The Odd Couple and The Honeymooners like they used to show back then.

(Midnight to one, of course, was either 2 episodes of The Twilight Zone on Channel 11, an episode of The Avengers on MSG - before they became all sports all the time - or an episode of Star Trek on some other channel. Don't get the TV Nerd started!)