April 24th, 2007


Eulogy for Vegas

I found out last night that Vegas, a bar that's been an integral part of my neighborhood experience for the past half-decade or so, is closing this week. The space is being turned into a Lucky Jeans. Just what we don't need.

This makes me really sad. Vegas was always my go-to place when out with friends for drinks. I've played pool there a lot. I've had (and been to) more birthday parties there than I can remember. The bartenders were always really nice and did buy-backs on your fourth or fifth round. They threw great Halloween parties where everyone showed up in costume and they turned the back into a dance floor. After Hurricane Katrina, they hosted a charity bingo game to raise relief money.

They were dog-friendly, too. There was plenty of room for the pups to run around and sniff everyone. In fact, it was one of the more spacious bars in the area, so even when it was crowded it never felt claustrophobic.

I'm going to miss Vegas. We have plenty of other bars in the neighborhood, but none of them are quite the same. They're all smaller and just...different.

Where am I going to have my birthday parties now?