April 12th, 2007


Space & Time - The Reading

Last night, I went to a reading to celebrate the 100th issue of Space and Time Magazine (as well as the passing of the torch from Gordon Linzner, who has edited the magazine for the past 40 years, to its new editor, Hildy Silverman, who was not there). It took place down in TriBeCa at a nifty bar-restaurant-performance space called the Roadhouse. Good beer, good burgers and a stage perfect for live music and readings.

Contributors marysang, Adam Pepper, Lisa Manetti, Natalia Lincoln, K. Loughrey Hasell and Amy Grech were on hand to read, with Gordon playing host and also reading 14theditch's brilliantly funny story because Jeff couldn't be there. Fiction Editor Gerard Houarner and Poetry Editor Linda Addison were also in attendance. Fellow Who Wants Cake members dbraum and M.M. DeVoe joined me for burgers, beer and random gossip.

It was a good time. I'm glad I was able to get off work for it. There ought to be more readings at the Roadhouse, it's a perfect venue for it. Maybe even a whole series of readings. Time to resurrect the Underground Speculative Fiction reading series (by which I mean there were two of them, one at an art gallery, the other at a bar) from a few years back?