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International Bon Vivant and Raconteur

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April 10th, 2007

As If We Needed More Proof That They're Running Out of Good Titles [Apr. 10th, 2007|01:29 am]
International Bon Vivant and Raconteur
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DearReader.com runs an email service that will send you daily excerpts of books, in all kinds of different genres. This week, the book excerpted for the Horror Book Club is called - I kid you not - The Darkening.

It's only a matter of time before mssrcrankypants and my collaborative work of nightmarish terror, The Gerunding, is picked up!
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My Future Ex-Wife [Apr. 10th, 2007|11:13 am]
International Bon Vivant and Raconteur
She's my kind of gal - and she's a lawyer, which will make my mother happy!
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Call for Submissions [Apr. 10th, 2007|03:15 pm]
International Bon Vivant and Raconteur

Are you a science fiction/fantasy/horror writer wondering what to do with all those stories you wrote for recent theme anthologies, only to find they didn't make the cut or the anthology mysteriously disappeared? Well, wonder no more, my friends! Primate Books, a division of Wildslide Press, is pleased to announce an open call for submissions for our latest anthology:

Pirate Zeppelins of the Vampire Cockroach Red Light District: A Spicy Slipstream Adventure on the Planet of Surreal Botany!

(And yes, the exclamation point is part of the title. Darrell Schweitzer mentioned at Ridiculous Hat Con that title punctuation is coming back in vogue while he was selling us copies of his self-published collection, Cthulhu Attack!!!!!.)

Stories must be between 1000 and 39,999 words. Featured stories get 5¢ per word (up to 7 words). The rest of you can eat it.

Deadline is tomorrow. Response time is 1 day to 2 years, depending on how busy we are and if we lose interest because we saw something shiny out of the corner of our eyes. No simultaneous submissions.

Send all submissions via email to PZVCRLDSSAPSB_editor@clarkesworld.banned.com, or leave them in the comments.
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