April 7th, 2007

Which one of you bitches...?

Dance Dance Revolution

My friend Anastasia decided it was high time she hosted a dance party at her Sunset Park apartment, and tonight her dream finally became a reality. She labeled the evening Dance Dance Revolution, which I immediately decided meant we were going to overthrow the government through the power of dance and '80s pop singles. So if you wake up to a better world Saturday morning...you're welcome.

(I also decided to pitch the movie Dance Dance Revolution to Jerry Bruckheimer - "In a world where dancing is forbidden, nothing can stop the revolution." Cut to some kids rocking out to Duran Duran while the riot cops gather. Then the cops drop their batons and, weeping with joy, join them on the dance floor. Clearly, Kevin Bacon will have to play the evil president.)

While at the party, I met an amazingly cute woman named Kate. We spent a lot of time talking in Anastasia's kitchen - it's always the kitchens at parties, isn't it? - and she seemed really cool and interesting. She had dreadlocks and wore what could only be called pirate pants. I like people who have confidence in their own style. I desperately wanted to ask her out, but I stopped myself. I'm still not sure what I want, and I figure that's an important thing to know before getting involved with anyone.