April 4th, 2007


New Readers

I noticed quite a few new readers have friended my journal since World Horror. I wonder if it's because I was on that blogging panel. Anyway, welcome! I promise to be as interesting, funny and informative as I can, but you should know up front that sometimes I'm just going to kvetch about how boring the latest episode of Lost was.

Feel free to say howdy in the comments!

The Weekly Lost Report

Wow, the writers finally remembered there's a monster on the island! Go writers! I wonder if they'll remember Locke's dad is on the island now too. You know, from two episodes ago? Yeah. Hasn't been mentioned again.

However, I do like how they made sure Kate and Juliet got caught in a rainstorm in their tight little tees, and then also made sure they fell into a mud puddle. That's some compelling TV drama!