April 2nd, 2007


Back from World Horror

You'll have to forgive me, I still have major con brain - this whole day has been a waste, I still haven't sent out any of the "great to see you" emails I've been meaning to - but I wanted pop in for a moment to say I'm back and had an amazing time at World Horror. (The hotel itself was great. My room had big comfy beds and a giant flatscreen TV, not that either got much use. I came back exhausted as usual.)

The goody bags were kind of meh. Some of the books inside looked good and/or interesting, others were "accidentally" left behind in the hotel room, and a small amount of them were burned ritualistically so nothing like them would ever stain the world again. But the souvenir book, ah, the souvenir book was truly amazing. It was an actual trade hardcover, filled with fiction and essays and artwork. Possibly the most beautiful one I've seen to date.

My panel on websites and blogging was deadly boring. It was a packed room, filled with people eager to hear what they could do to attract attention online (other than write something good and hope people find you, of course), but it was such a snoozefest I could see people drifting off right in front of me. I tried to liven things up as much as I could by being funny or just, you know, having a personality (which also happens to be my advice on how to get people to read your blog), but an hour of people droning on about MySpace with absolute seriousness can kill even the most happening scene. And besides, I will never have a MySpace page no matter how much everyone tells me I "have" to have one. MySpace makes me want to die.

The mass signing on Friday was also a lot of fun. Looks to me like just about everyone who wanted a seat got one, too. No one stopped me from selling books to readers, either. I half expected Stephen Jones to come running out of nowhere and slap those crazy-colored Canadian bills from my hand, but no one really seemed to care.

I was touched by how many people brought me copies of On Writing Horror to sign. One guy even highlighted parts of my chapter on short story plotting, which took me right back to my high school days. I signed many, many copies of General Slocum's Gold too. One guy brought me two copies to sign, one for himself and one for his son, because they're both history buffs and big into the General Slocum story.

Ed Bryant bought a copy, too. I told him I'd give him one for free, what with him being a major Locus reviewer and all, but he bought it anyway. Here's hoping for some Locus love. Also, a publisher I'd love to work with got a copy, ended up really liking it, and now wants to see more from me. That's the kind of thing that makes it so amazing to have something launch at a convention. I loved the attention like I was a cat who'd been left alone for a week. Look at kitty. Pet the kitty.

I think we sold about half the first print run at the con, which I think is pretty good. The chapbook itself looks amazing, too, as did Brett Savory and Gord Zajac's. Burning Effigy Press really did an amazing job. I'd work with them again in a heartbeat.

The Bram Stoker Award banquet had surprisingly good food. And I'll leave it at that.

Lastly, I just want to say how awesome it was to meet some LJers face to face, folks like lou_sytsma and francis_clay. It's always nice to put faces to names.

Now to get back to sending out those emails!

*falls asleep*

Out of the Shadows

One other thing I forgot to mention:

The very last copies of my out of print collection Walk in Shadows were sold at World Horror this weekend. If you never get one, I'm sorry to say you're S.O.L., my friend. There are no more available, none, zilch, zero.

One day there may be an updated, expanded edition that would include some of my later stories too, but as of now the original Prime edition has crossed beyond the veil. Or something else suitably horror-y. Whatever.

Anyway, don't sell yours on eBay for anything less than $15.01!