February 27th, 2007


For Those of You Who Need Closure

In case you were on pins and needles wondering what was going to happen, I did wind up renewing my membership in the Horror Writers Association. I always wind up renewing, so I really should stop debating the issue every time. Plus, I just became an Active member last year and I want to see what that's like for a while.

Also, I recently voted in my first-ever Bram Stoker Awards. I AM DRUNK WITH POWER!

WALK IN SHADOWS Gets a Shout-Out

Kelly Perry (reviewer "Bloody Mary" at Horror-Web.com and hw_bloodymary on LJ) has put together a Must Have List for the Horror Fiction News Network, and remarkably, Walk in Shadows is on it! Make with the clicky-clicky.

I remember she gave the book a five-star review on Horror-Web way back when, but I figured she'd long since forgotten about it. Especially since it's been out of print since 2005. Sigh.

Thanks for the shout-out, Kelly! From now on, you have a permanent spot on my reviewers list!