February 26th, 2007


Oscar Night

I went to my friends Mary and Sabrina's apartment for an Oscar party tonight. Ever the consummate hostesses, they provided each of the guests with an Oscar ballot to fill out beforehand and kept score throughout the telecast. I came in third, and probably would have come in first if Eddie Murphy had won for Best Supporting Actor like he was supposed to. (I'm actually glad that Alan Arkin won instead, since he's a better actor than Murphy, but the key to winning Oscar pools has always been to choose the winners you think the stuffy, traditional old Academy will choose, not the ones you actually want to win. Most of the time it works, but sometimes the Academy surprises you by being cool.)

The top three winners at the party each got a lovely gift bag filled with valuable prizes. Mine was practically tailor-made for me. It included:

+ a DVD of Gremlins

+ a DVD of Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla

+ another Pez dispenser to add to my ever growing collection (all of them were gifts - I don't buy them or even much like the Pez candies)

+ the soundtrack to Borat on CD (song titles include "Throw the Jew Down the Well" and "Grooming Pubis")

+ a dark chocolate candy bar that looks to be from Japan

+ a hideous and emasculating sock purse with little fish on it

And now, to bed, where I shall dream of lithe Mumenschanz wannabes forming shapes from my darkest nightmares. Look, they're coming together to create a giant Scarlett Johansson from The Black Dahlia! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Oh no!

I came home from an evening out all excited to watch tonight's episode of Heroes, but it turns out I set the VCR wrong (d'oh!) and only recorded the first five minutes. Argh!

Are they still rerunning episodes Friday nights on SciFi? If not, could someone please leave a comment telling me what happened or possibly point me to an online episode summary? Thanks!

Addendum: SciFi is rerunning the episode Friday at 7 PM Eastern. Phew!