February 2nd, 2007


More TV Jibber-Jabber

I caught the premiere of The Sarah Silverman Program tonight on Comedy Central. It wasn't bad -- there were a few genuine belly laughs -- but it wasn't great either. Silverman is going to need to do something more than her little-girl-using-bad-words schtick to keep my attention. Right now, the most interesting characters are the gay couple next door, and it really ought to be Silverman herself. But the show does have a good, quirky sense of humor and it has the potential to develop into something really good.

Another show I've been watching is The Knights of Prosperity. I caught the premiere when I was sick and thought it was really funny, especially Mick Jagger (who also produces) playing an exaggerated, spoiled version of himself. Since then it hasn't been quite as good -- part of my initial enjoyment may have come from having a fever -- but as sitcoms go, it's just fresh and unusual enough to keep me tuning in. The cast is also really good, though Sofia Vergara's exaggerated Latina accent can be grating (and her character a little too reminiscent of Catalina on My Name is Earl). Ultimately, I want to see this team of wannabe thieves reach their goal of robbing Mick Jagger's New York apartment. And though the title sounds like one of the worst in TV history, it actually makes sense in the context of the show and ties in well with its surreal sense of humor.

I forgot to mention I've seen a few episodes of 30 Rock, too. I didn't like the premiere much, but this show has come into its own very quickly. Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey are both great, but it's Jane Krakowski who steals every scene she's in. Unfortunately, Tracy Morgan is still on the show too, which hurts my brain. He's not funny, not in any sense of the word. Neither, by the way, is Judah Friedlander , who plays one of the writers and is best known for those VH1 talking-head shows like I Love the 80s. Every scene he's in sucks almost as bad as the ones with Tracy Morgan. But the show's good, and now I have a crush on Tina Fey. Maybe not a Mia Kirshner or Misty Mundae-level crush, but definitely an I-would-go-to-the-prom-with-her crush.