January 31st, 2007


Time to Make the Donuts

It's that time of year again. I got my HWA membership renewal notice in the email, and now I have to decide whether it's worth $65 to re-up. Seems like it comes faster every year.

Long-time readers of this journal may remember me going through the same quandry last year. None of the reasons stated then, pro or con, have really changed, though they did eventually chuck out the members who couldn't sell anything over the two-year grace period, not even for a $25 flat fee. They also finally found the balls to chuck out He Who Shall Not Be Named, though he was almost instantly replaced with that Medb eHrenn dude, so it's almost like no change at all.

Additional items for the pro column: If I weren't a member, I wouldn't have been asked to write something for the Writers Digest book On Writing Horror, which was both fun and an excellent credit on my writing resume. Also, I'm now an Active member, so I finally get to vote in the Stoker Awards and in officer elections. Do I really want to jump ship now that I can affect organizational change in a way other than jumping up and down on the message board? In other words, is now the time to get more involved, not less?

Additional items for the con column: Repeated promises by the new administration to be in closer touch with the membership have not materialized (except for Vice President Scott Nicholson and Treasurer Lisa Morton showing up on the message board to answer quesions, which is appreciated). They also claim to have some great things in the pipeline for HWA's near future, but how many times have we heard that before only to see the plans discarded for fear of phantom lawsuits or because the organization has some weird-ass tax structure that doesn't let us do anything worthwhile? Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. The newsletter content continues to be a joke, too.

Anyway, I have to get some thinking done on this.