January 30th, 2007


Stoker Award Stuff

The final list of 2006 Bram Stoker Award recommendations has now been compiled and made available to HWA members. I'm happy to say that my story "Toad Lily" is in second place in the Short Fiction category, just under Gene O'Neill's "Balance" and tied with Sandy DeLuca and Michael McCarty's "Lucania". This means it will progress to the Preliminary Ballot. Is this the year I finally shake my bridesmaid status and continue on to the Final Ballot? My fingers are crossed.

But the thing about the Preliminary Ballot is that once you're on it, it doesn't really matter how many recommendations you got to begin with. Everything is set back to zero. So though "Toad Lily" got enough recommendations to make it to the PB, it doesn't mean it'll get enough votes to reach the Final, or any votes at all, really. There will be at least nine other short stories on the PB for voters to choose from.

Still, it would be awesome to make it to the Final Ballot and be an actual Bram Stoker Award nominee. Then I could put that under my name on the covers of all my imaginary novels!

One bit of Stoker related poopiness: Dave Wellington's Monster Island was deemed ineligible because it was previously published. I forgot it had already appeared as an online serial a few years back when I recommended it, and I guess the Stoker verifier didn't know about it until just recently. As I told Dave in email, I'm devastated and it's not even my novel!

This throws a wrench in my plans to vote for sarahlangan's The Keeper for Novel and Monster Island for First Novel. Now I guess I'm going to have to vote for The Keeper in both categories! Wouldn't that be awesome if Sarah won two Stokers for the same novel? It was definitely the best new horror novel I read all year, but I suppose double-fisting the awards is a bit much to hope for.

In other happy news, I finally got a copy of Joe Hill's Twentieth Century Ghosts (thank you, leethomas and John Perry, for the Shocklines gift certificate!). There's been so much buzz for this collection -- and so many awards -- that I'm chomping at the bit to read it.

Random Observations Because I'm Having a Tough Writing Day and Am Procrastinating

+ I saw a squirrel climb three stories up a brick building across the street from me. Then it lost its footing and tumbled down, skittering, to land on the sidewalk with a loud thump. I ran across the street to check on it, and it was okay. Just stunned and breathing hard. (Though squirrels always look like they're breathing hard.)

+ Every time I read the class notes of my college alumni magazine, I'm stunned by the fact that all the lesbians I went to school with -- and there were quite a few because I went to an artsy school -- now send in cooing reports about their husbands and babies. I think the magazine should change its name to It Was Just a Phase.