January 28th, 2007


"Look Who's Evil Now!"

Last night was marysang's birthday extravaganza! We met up for drinks and dinner at the Aegean on the Upper West Side, where I got to hang out with Dallas "Jack Ketchum" Mayr, Matt "Shocklines" Schwartz, morbidmusings and deadscrypt, all of whom I haven't seen in ages. Much calamari and flaming cheese was devoured.

But the highlight of the night had to be seeing the 11 PM show of Evil Dead: The Musical. If you love the Evil Dead movies, you simply have to see this show. It's hilarious and awesome - one of those brilliant creative endeavors that make me jealous I didn't think of it first - not to mention extremely bloody. I didn't sit in the "splatter zone," where plastic panchos are handed out to the audience to protect them from all the squirting blood, but even five rows back I got a little on me.

What makes it so great is that the writer, George Reinblatt, not only clearly loves the Evil Dead movies, he knows musicals inside and out. He knows where to put each kind of song: the setup song, the love song, the reprise, the big dance number, etc. And with song titles like "What the Fuck Was That?" (my hands-down favorite) and "You Blew That Bitch Away", you know you're in for a special evening.

The only caveat: There were people there in makeup and costume, like it was freakin' Horrorfind Weekend or something, and because alcohol is allowed in the theater, there were loud drunk dudes who wouldn't shut the hell up. Why must I be surrounded by nerds, geeks and dorks when all I want to do is see an off-Broadway musical based on a cult horror movie from the '80s? Sheesh!

Anyway, Mary has a friend who works at the show (as a blood wrangler!), so afterward we got to go backstage for a brief tour. I was hoping we'd get to meet the cast too - they did an awesome job, especially Ryan Ward as Ash, who channels Bruce Campbell so well he starts to look exactly like him by the end - but they had already moved on by the time we got backstage.

It was a very good, fun night.