January 21st, 2007


Contributor's Copies = Yum

Today's mail brought a big padded mailer from Touchstone/Fireside. Turned out to be my contributor's copies of The Best American Erotica 2007!

I love getting contributor's copies - the feel of the finished book in my hands, the almost immaculate look of a book that hasn't been thumbed through a thousand times on a bookstore shelf. Yum.

It's amazing and gratifying to see how far the story "Comeback" has gone. I wrote it on a lark (I mean come on - magical symbols shaved into pubic hair?) and was never sure if it would sell, let alone sell twice and wind up in Susie Bright's hands for a year's best anthology, alongside writers like Nalo Hopkinson and Octavia Butler.

Lord knows writing is hard work. I often get frustrated and toy with the idea of quitting. But the unexpected success of "Comeback" is one of the things I'm going to remember every time I feel like throwing in the towel.

Anyway, go buy it so that the next time we meet you can give me weird looks about how dirty the story is and how you never thought I had such a filthy imagination.