January 6th, 2007


Tales of Delirium

Well, this has been a very interesting super-flu or whatever the fuck it is, but I'd like it to be done with now. I can sort of feel myself coming through the other side, so that's good. Still not much of an appetite, but I've been forcing myself to eat at least a little something every day, just to have some fuel to fight this thing.

The fever is gone and today I can almost breathe normally through my nose. Still some coughing, though.

Here's an example of how delirious this super-flu has made me: Yesterday, I accidentally poured orange juice into my coffee instead of milk, and I neither noticed nor cared.

Also, the fever made me tear up at the end of Clerks 2.

E.T.A.: I was actually considering going into work today for no other reason than because I didn't want to be a burden on my coworkers anymore. But after five minutes of being awake, I realized not only was I still very sick, but I'm still contagious (the colors in my Kleenex are psychedelic!). Not a good idea.