January 4th, 2007


The Haul So Far, Part Three

The holiday haul continues into the New Year! These are from my friend Jeff:

1) The Tick vs. Season One The first season of the Tick cartoon on DVD. I was never a fan of the live-action series, but the Saturday morning cartoon was pitch-perfect.

2) Mini-Santa Cthulhu An adorable little stuffed Cthulhu with a Santa hat, a scarf and sleigh bells on the ends of his tentacles. Cthulhu-mas will bring you tidings of despair!

(Very, very, very sick yesterday. The kind of sick where every little movement elicits groans and the fever makes you delirious. Feeling a good deal better today. Will probably work my afternoon shift and spread the germs love throughout the neighborhood.)

Still Sick

Well, that was a bad idea! I went to work this morning thinking my fever had broken, but it soon became clear just how foolish it was for me to go in. I was feverish, achy, somewhat delirious, and my nose was dripping on everything. I lasted about three-and-a-half hours before I had to call in the reinforcements.

I still feel the same way, except my nose has stopped dripping. As a point of interest, the chills were interesting. I've never had them before. I wasn't feeling the least bit cold, and yet I couldn't stop shivering!