December 27th, 2006


The Haul So Far

Here's the holiday haul so far. (It's not quite over yet, there will still be some gift-giving in the near future with friends who were away over the holiday.)

The requisite check from my mom, which I promptly used to buy new shoes.

A Shocklines gift certificate from leethomas and his partner John, which I'm using to finally buy Joe Hill's collection Twentieth Century Ghosts.

An gift certificate from dean_italiano and gsguitar. I haven't decided what I'm buying with it yet.

A Regal Cinemas gift card from the Who Wants Cake Secret Satan, er, Santa.

A DVD of Kinky Boots from yoppulent and his wife Swati.

A tin of homemade chocolate chip cookies from sarahlangan.

A bag of imported coffee from dbraum.

An enormously generous holiday bonus from Video Free Brooklyn. Really, it was above and beyond.

A box of homemade Christmas cookies from the women who live above the video store, in thanks for always signing for their packages when they're not around. Beautiful women bringing me cookies? No one else stands a chance!

And a ton of gorgeous holiday cards from many, many friends and relatives. I've got them displayed in my living room where, if history is any indication, they will remain until I realize sometime in March that it's time to put them away.

The Haul So Far, Part Two

I forgot to mention the three presents I bought for myself this year!

Buying myself a little something or somethings every holiday season is not really a tradition -- there's too much opportunity for gift redundancy when you shop for yourself at the same time that people are giving you presents -- but this year, like a dog who figures out how to get into the Milk Bones box, I decided to treat myself. So I got:

1) The Museum of Modern Art's Monster Movies 2007 Calendar, which is all old movie posters from the golden age of monster movies. I think my favorite is October, a poster for 1936's Dracula's Daughter, which features the tagline: "She gives you that WEIRD FEELING."

2) The Universal boxed DVD set of The Creature from the Black Lagoon. I've never seen the sequels, but I love the original. Too bad they couldn't offer it in the original 3D. Got this one way cheap, too.

3) The DVD of Saw, with a hilarious commentary by the writer and the director that only makes me love this movie more. Also got this one way cheap.

Did any of you buy yourself something this holiday, or am I the lone nut in the bunch?