December 11th, 2006


Birthday Madness

Happy birthday to dean_italiano and cinriter!

It's hard to believe I've known Marcy for over five years now. I first met her and her husband gsguitar at the very first Horrorfind Weekend back in 2001. I think it was Garrett Peck who introduced us at the bar. I had no idea who this crazy blonde woman was, nor how much she would become a part of my life in the years that followed, but I'm glad we became such good friends. At one point, I think we had something like eight separate email conversations going simultaneously. I've visited her and G in Canada numerous times and hosted them in New York City almost as many. I even picked them up at the airport in a limo when her novel Pain Machine came out, the inside of the car filled with copies of the book she'd sent ahead to my apartment. We walked across the Brooklyn Bridge during the big blackout of 2003. We've even been in a car accident together. Marcanity!

I don't have any amusing stories about cinriter, except that we both served on the HWA Board of Trustees, we both had a hand in putting together 2006's Bram Stoker Awards, and we're both still alive to tell the tale. Also, she thinks I'm debonair!