December 3rd, 2006



Even though I was immensely hung over today -- lots of drinks Friday night with Monster Island author David Wellington, then even more drinks last night with Crimson Kiss author Trisha Baker -- I went to my friend Dalila's birthday party at Union Hall in Brooklyn. She's on a bocce team that was playing today while we were all there (her team won, too).

I was all Mr. Scoffy: "When exactly did bocce become a hipster sport? It's for old Italian men!" But then when the match was over, I got to play a game with my friends, and I LOVED IT!

I've played lawn bocce at various MarcyCons up at dean_italiano and gsguitar's house, but this was the real deal, with an actual clay bocce court, full rules, etc. Turns out I'm not bad at it either. My team, called the Blue Balls because that was the color of our bocce balls ("Blue Balls bring the pain!") completely roasted our opponents, the Devils. Maybe it was just beginner's luck, but we won mostly because of my throws. I'm like the world's best old Italian man!

I still hate hipsters and everything they do and say, but bocce is fun, so it gets a pass. Sideburns and ironically oversized black-rimmed glasses, however, do not and never will.