November 19th, 2006


Even Blockbuster Can't Afford Brooklyn Anymore

The Blockbuster just a few blocks away from Video Free Brooklyn, the video store I manage, is now officially closed. I'd been hearing rumors for months that they were on their way out but there was never any confirmation. Then, all of a sudden, they weren't renting out movies anymore, only accepting returns. Now they've disappeared, leaving an enormous empty shell of retail space on Court Street. The culprit? Brooklyn itself. Even this kajillion-dollar corporation couldn't afford prime Brooklyn retail rent anymore. Crazy. I don't know what can go in that space now. It's way too big and expensive for anything interesting, so it'll probably be yet another in our unending proliferation of drug store chains.

It's a boon for my store, though. At least I think it is. The good news is that we've had a ton of new customers signing up for memberships. The bad news is that these Blockbuster refugees have no concept of returning DVDs by a due date. I'm also worried that we're going to start getting too swamped on Friday and Saturday nights. The store is so small we normally can only have one employee working at a time, otherwise we're tripping all over each other. That may have to change if the Blockbuster exodus continues at this pace. I suspect it will actually slow down in the coming weeks, but it's my job to remain dutifully worried.

In other news, I completely overdid it last night celebrating my friend Jeff's 35th birthday. I drank too much, smoked too much, shouted too much over the jukebox, and stayed out way too late, not getting to bed until 5 AM. Gah. *falls out of chair dead*