October 31st, 2006


Halloween Update

We just had our first trick-or-treaters at the store. It was a little girl dressed as a ballerina/fairy (who can tell the difference?) and her slightly older brother, who was wearing a fake mustache and puffs of fake hair on the side of his head to emulate those horseshoes balding men get. I guess he was dressed as Random Middle-Aged Man.

There are eight bags of candy here that, miraculously, I have not yet devoured. We'll see how long I can last before unwrapping a Hershey's Milk Chocolate Ghost.

Okay, just saw a kid dressed as a vampire: fake teeth, makeup around his eyes, black cape. Cool. At least it's better than the seven-thousand Yu-Gi-Ohs from last year.

Halloween Update Part 2

We were swamped with trick-or-treaters! They came in waves, whole families or groups of families, all at once, screaming for candy. I went through seven and a half bags in maybe two or three hours, giving one or two pieces to each person (including trick-or-treating parents, which I always find lame). Most of the kids were in costume this year, with only a few claiming to be dressed as a "school boy" or "school girl" (read: I just came from school and want some candy before going home - I tease them but always give them candy, since I don't want to humiliate them if they can't afford costumes). No Yu-Gi-Ohs this year, but lots of those creepy muscled superhero outfits. Seriously, the infant in your stroller shouldn't have pecs up to his chin, even if he's pretending to be Batman.

There was a three-way tie for cutest costume of the year: the baby in the fuzzy monkey costume, the toddler in the Flash costume who decided to run everywhere, and the dog dressed as a pig. That dog was not happy, but I was amused, and that's what's important.

I was also thrilled at how many people wanted to rent scary movies. Since it was Halloween, scary movies were all I played at the store all day long. I managed to show all of Army of Darkness and Ringu, but every movie after them couldn't get all the way through before someone saw it on the TV, asked what it was and decided it was exactly what they were looking for. Here's the breakdown:

The Eye lasted forty-five minutes before someone nabbed it.

An American Werewolf in London one hour.

Videodrome fifteen minutes.

After that I surrendered and stopped playing DVDs.

Ah, another Halloween come and gone. Insert whistful sigh here.

(And holy smokes, for the first time in like a year, the LJ update page got the local time correct and I didn't need to manually change it!)