October 20th, 2006


Evil Weather

New York City had one of its famous five-minute monsoons today. The rain came down so hard that it looked like sheets of white along Smith Street, blowing sideways because of the intense wind. When it was over, it was all blue skies and fluffy clouds, but the temperature suddenly dropped what feels like ten to fifteen degrees. It's still incredibly windy outside, too. I can hear it through my window, roaring like a waterfall.

We have evil weather here in New York.

Insufferable Cuteness

There's this adorable little girl who comes into the store with her parents every week, and the first thing she always does is announce something to me, like "My hat is purple!" or "I have a bicycle!" Today it was "My sock came off inside my boot!"

She kept trying to sneak behind the counter, but I wouldn't let her.

"You're almost as tall as the counter now," I said.

She held up four little fingers and said, "I'm four."

"Really? I'm thirty-seven."

"That's too big," she said.