October 16th, 2006


Grammar Question

I have a grammar question that perhaps mssrcrankypants or others can help me with.

Technically, the sentence is "The problem is that he couldn't find it," except no one talks that way. We tend to drop the "that" between the words "was" and "he". I'm wondering if a comma goes in its place or not. Would it be:

"The problem is, he couldn't find it."


"The problem is he couldn't find it."


Was I Not Loud Enough?

Perhaps you all didn't hear me when I mentioned before that no one is interested in, finds funny or cares about whatever you find on YouTube. Please stop littering my friendslist with your giant, memory-eating flash links to whatever clip from the Star Wars Holiday Special or last night's Colbert Report that you feel you absolutely must share with everyone.

If you feel compelled to share a YouTube video, may I request you either use an HTML link or put the ginormous, computer-brain-sucking flash link behind an LJ cut?

Thank you and good night.