October 12th, 2006


The TV Nerd Weighs In

The only two new sitcoms I had any interest in both happened to debut last night.

30 Rock was neither funny nor interesting. The writing and acting were nothing compared to Sorkin's Studio 60, which is kind of exactly the same story, and every joke fell flat. Kudos to them, though, for at least not using a laugh track to make it worse.

Twenty Good Years was slightly better, but that's mostly because Lithgow and Tambor know how to pull a laugh out of even the lamest material. I'm tempted to give this show another shot, just because I'm such a huge fan of both of them, but then I remember that life is short and I already watch too much TV.

Both shows are off the TV Nerd's viewing schedule.

In other news...Trixie's on Lost!