October 7th, 2006


The TV Nerd Talks About Death

Death of programs, that is. For your fall-season office pool information, I already reported that Fox's Happy Hour was the first new sitcom of the season to be canceled. Oops, I mean put on "indefinite hiatus" (TV speak for "we don't want to be the first network to cancel a show this season, so we're going to pull it, wait for someone else to cancel something, then cancel it").

And whoever guessed Smith would be the first new drama canceled, you win a toaster oven! CBS gave it the boot. If you chose NBC's serial Kidnapped, you get second prize. They're moving it to the graveyard of Saturday nights and ordering the producers to wrap up the story line in 13 episodes. Well, at least they're trying to wrap it up for the remaining viewers. That's nice of them. But it's doubtful they'll make it to 13 episodes on Saturdays, so you'll need to make up your own solution. It'll probably be better anyway.